Ní Gudix - biographical and poetographical issues

(c) Ni Gudix, 2006.
(c) Ni Gudix, 2006.

Ní Gudix is a German translator, writer, and illustrator. She was born in South Germany in 1975 and has studied German and English literature at University of Konstanz and at Trinity College Dublin. She did her M.A. in 2002 with a thesis on Shakespeare's KING LEAR. Furthermore she had focused on James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Sean O'Casey, and Oscar Wilde. Since 2005, she is a member of the Union of German Translators VdÜ (Verband deutscher Übersetzer).

Her main area in translating is Irish and Scottish literature, and she especially likes to translate poems and songs. She has translated some of Robert Burns's Scots poems and songs into her own home dialect what had aroused her interest in translating dialects, slangs, and poems, and she has also translated some Irish Folk songs into German which she sometimes recites at concerts of the Celtic Choir in Berlin.

But of course it's not only Irish English and Scots she deals with - her translation of A BAD BOY'S DIARY (published in 2010) was from American slang.

For the German arts magazine INSIDE ARTZINE she has been translating poems and prose into English since 2005.

 In 2004, she had translated Phil Shoenfelt*s novel "Junkie Love" into German. Unfortunately the book was never published as a whole. Only a chapter out of the excellent translation had been printed in 2005 in Wolfgang Sterneck's anthology "Erotika - Drogen und Sexualität. "

A list of the books and authors translated by Ní Gudix can be found here.

In  2006 she got a scholarship at Villa Decius, Cracow (Poland) as "Writer in Residence". In 2007 she was given a Translation Grant for her translation of Gerald Dawe's poems (in THE VISIBLE WORLD - DIE SICHTBARE WELT) by Irish Literary Exchange (ILÉ). In the same year, she was employed by Cathal McCabe to do a translation seminar at Irish Writers' Centre Dublin.


Apart from translating, Ní Gudix is also working as a writer both for theater and for literary magazines. The topics of her essays, poems, and prose as well as her plays have to do with the question why man can't be free as long as he's trying to fulfill expectations - no matter whether it be political, ideological, educational, or whatever kind of expectations - and why happiness and imagination can be more important than knowledge.

Since spring 2013, she has been co-editing the German literary magazine "LaborBefund"


Ní Gudix lives in the North of Germany.